Sleepless Nights

Our little baby doesn’t sleep through the night. She did for a little bit but it didn’t last long. She hasn’t for seven months now. She still likes to nurse in the night. This describes what it’s like for me.     It’s her third time up tonight. Trying not to fall asleep myself, I quietly … More Sleepless Nights

Play Days

I love catching perfect moments of my girls. I’ve been working on taking pictures of them in moments of joy or playfulness. I wanted to try for more but there will be always be time for more posts later. This is what I have for now.  You may notice there are more pictures of my … More Play Days

Birthday Banner

I’m working on a Hello Kitty birthday for a friend. I made a birthday banner that I really like. So today I would like to show you how I made it.     First, I printed off some large, bold, black letters in a font I liked. I printed it on plain computer paper. I fit … More Birthday Banner

Independence Day

I hope you all had an excellent Fourth of July weekend! I know I did! I’m going to tell you all about it. But first, let me start by saying a few things. I want to express my love for this wonderful country. I feel so blessed to live here and now. What an amazing … More Independence Day


Hello all! Welcome to my brand new blog! This will be my first post ever. How exciting! If you don’t know me and are curious about who I am, head over to my bio to get some quick facts. Today, for my first post, I’m going to show you guys some of my past projects. … More Welcome!!!