Going to Grandma’s One Last Time

My grandma passed away recently. She was a great woman and an awesome grandma. She will be missed until the time comes to be reunited.  
Last week I had the opportunity to go back to her house. I got to choose out some things I wanted to keep. There were so many amazing memories in her house. There were a few useful things I chose out. But one thing that I really wanted. 

I would love to say my favorite thing was some beautiful antique or something cool. And I did get a thing or two like that. Such as a teacup and saucer. But those weren’t my favorite items. 


Is my favorite! Grandma had this Pink Panther doll as long as I can remember. It was always in her room. For decoration, not for playing. Every time I went to Grandma’s I saw it. It reminds me of her and all the good times had at that house. 

Like the sleepovers she would have for all the granddaughters. We would start out learning something in the kitchen. One time we made cookies. Another time we learned how to make taffy. It was so much fun pulling that taffy! After dinner we would watch a movie and eat candy and popcorn. She would buy bags of the candy that you scoop out and pay by weight at the grocery store. Grandma would go to bed and all us girls would fall asleep on the living room floor in a pile of blankets. It was so much fun! 

Now, whenever my daughters play with Pink Panther I’ll tell them where it came from and all about their Grandma Great. It will be a cherished toy, like my time spent with my grandma. 

Love you Grandma. 

Wendy Darling

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