Birthday Banner

I’m working on a Hello Kitty birthday for a friend. I made a birthday banner that I really like. So today I would like to show you how I made it. 

First, I printed off some large, bold, black letters in a font I liked. I printed it on plain computer paper. I fit two letters per page. Then I cut them out. Sorry but I don’t have pictures of that. 

Next I found this adorable paper at Hobby Lobby.

It was perfect for our hot pink, white, and black Hello Kitty theme! I ended up using three 12″x12″ sheets of it. I took one of my letters for sizing and a sheet of computer paper. After that I found something round that was big enough to fit around it. I used a pencil can. But bowls, plates, and cups are always good options too. I traced my pencil can. Then I added one scallop onto the circle. I’m kinda OCD and wanted my scallops to be even and identical. So I actually cut out the one scallop, re traced my pencil can in a new spot, then traced the one scallop all around the circle. It ended up being almost exactly the right size. The last one was a little squished but not noticeable. If you’re not so OCD you could just freehand your scallops onto your circle. When I was happy with the design I cut it out. 

Using the design I made as a stencil I traced as many as I could onto the back of my cute heart paper. Always trace your stencils on the back so you don’t end up with pen/pencil marks on the front of the finished product. I was able to fit five onto each sheet.

 I needed thirteen to make “Happy Birthday”. Then I cut them all out. 

For the black layer I went back to computer paper and traced around my original stencil one last time. I kept the same shape but sketched about a quarter inch bigger around the entire thing. I cut that stencil out and traced it onto the black card stock. I only had dark colored pens so it was hard to see but still doable. If you have a silver or white pen or marker to use that would probably be a lot easier. When all the black circles were traced I cut them out too. 

When everything was cut out I started gluing. I used a basic Elmer’s purple glue stick and put the pink and black papers together. I made sure to line up the scallops to match each other. 

When all the circles were paired up and glued together I added the letters. 

Then I used a standard hole punch and added holes to the top of each circle. 

Lastly, I threaded all the letters onto a long piece of ricrac. 

And that’s it! 

The party this is for is next month so keep an eye out for the post with all the fun decorations and party details! 

Wendy Darling

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