Play Days

I love catching perfect moments of my girls. I’ve been working on taking pictures of them in moments of joy or playfulness. I wanted to try for more but there will be always be time for more posts later. This is what I have for now. 

You may notice there are more pictures of my oldest than of my baby. That’s not because she doesn’t have as many perfect moments. Nor is it because I don’t like taking her picture as much. She’s just tough to photograph at those times. As soon as the camera comes out that’s all she’s interested in. 

Some will have comments. Some I feel don’t need it. So take a look and get lost in these little moments. 

I love this one. Pure joy between sisters. Plus they’re in Alaina’s crib and I’m pretty sure she was trying to eat Lyla’s face. Silly baby. 









  Big Lamby makes Lyla happy. 

  And spinning makes Alaina happy. 

There they are! My angels is their playful moments. These pictures always make me smile. There will be many more over the years. And yet there will never be enough. 

Wendy Darling 

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