In My Stylist’s Chair

Last week I got to get my hair done again. My stylist always make me feel, and look, like a rockstar. Here’s how my experience usually goes:

In Shay’s chair I sit, right in front of a mirror. As I look at myself I see all that is wrong. My chubby face and double chin. Blemishes and limp, dull hair. Then Shay puts the cape on and gets to work. She moves with fast, practiced hands as she lets me ramble on and on about my life. She adds her input and laughs along with me like we’re old friends catching up. 

Color finished, I now sit under the dryer. It’s warm and hums loudly. It puts me in my own little world of solitude. There I stay until, right as that world is getting boring, my color is done. 

Time to wash. My favorite part. Having my hair washed and scalp massaged by the expert. It gives me chills and relaxes my stressed, worn out mind. 

Shay dries and styles my hair. The moment has come to see the wonderful changes. I’m totally transformed. No longer do I see all the flaws. Instead I see a beautiful woman with full and vibrant hair. I now look and feel gorgeous. Shay has done it again! 

I leave happy, relaxed, and excited to show off my new look. I look forward to the next time I get to sit in Shay’s chair. 



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