Sleepless Nights

Our little baby doesn’t sleep through the night. She did for a little bit but it didn’t last long. She hasn’t for seven months now. She still likes to nurse in the night. This describes what it’s like for me. 

It’s her third time up tonight. Trying not to fall asleep myself, I quietly soothe her and let her nurse back to sleep. I spend a moment admiring how beautiful she is, but sleep calls. As carefully as possible I slip back off the bed while she rests peacefully in my arms. I make my way to her crib in stealth mode. With ninja skills I lay her down. Ever so slowly I raise the crib railing, placing my hands where I know will make the least noise. I creep back to bed and silently slip under the covers. I freeze for a minute to make sure my deathly quiet retreat hasn’t woken her. I don’t hear movement. Nothing. I did it! Hallelujah! I do a fist pump in my head. All clear. I roll to my side, get comfy, and pull the blanket up to my chin. My eyes close quickly. They’re eager for much needed sleep. All the thoughts, lists, to-do’s, and worries melt away. My body is exhausted and easily relaxes into its slumbering state. I swear I can feel the pumping of my blood slow in my veins. Everything is perfect. Wait… Did I just hear… No… Can’t be… Yep… There it is. She’s awake. Fourth time’s a charm? 

I’m sure all you other moms can relate! It’s tough but so worth it for our little ones! I’ll miss these days and nights all too soon. 

Wendy Darling

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