Cute As A Button Party

I can’t believe it but my second daughter turned one! We had her party on Sunday. The theme was “Cute As A Button.” This post is for all the party details. But be warned, this will be a picture heavy post! Believe it or not, this is a severely narrowed down selection. There were so many cute pictures to choose from. A few were taken by me. Most were taken by my sister or my mom. They’re posted here with their permission. The cake smash pictures won’t be on this post. I’m still going through them. They should be up tomorrow though. Before I get into all the pictures I need to say thank you. This party was hosted at my parents’ and sister’s home. They and other family members also helped us set up, do everything, and take down/clean up after. I’m so blessed to have such great family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came! Alaina was spoiled with toys, clothes, and lots of attention! Now on to the pictures! 

Here are all the decorations. I made most of them myself. A lot of ideas came from Pinterest though. 


This cute sign is actually the back side of a mirror!  

The proof is in the pudding!   

Here’s the smash cake and cupcakes. My good friend, Laura, made these for us. Aren’t they adorable?    


My mom and I took a few pictures of Alaina before everyone came. These are my favorites.    


I think this is my absolute favorite of all the pictures! My mom got this one.   

On to the presents! My sister had this perfect little chair for Alaina to sit on.   


That’s it for now. I’ll try to get the cake smash pictures up tomorrow. Thanks again everyone! 

Wendy Darling 

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