Hello Kitty Ears

A little bit ago I made Hello Kitty ear headbands for the party I’m working on. I’ve seen tons of different tutorials and how-to’s on this. But here’s what I found easiest. And cutest! First I found a pack of sparkly headbands at Walmart for $3 for six. So I got two packs. 

Then I needed felt. It doesn’t take a lot. A quarter yard of each would work for twelve headbands with leftover. 

Next I designed my ear pattern. The first attempt was too small for my liking but the shape was good. So I folded the paper over, cut it out, unfolded it, traced it onto more paper, and sketched around it to a size I was happy with. Then I cut it out. After all the changes my stencil looked liked this. 

I laid out my felt, keeping it folded in half, and traced my stencil with black pen. The pen will be on the inside of the ears so you won’t be able to see it later. I traced thirteen sets to give myself an extra pair. I was making twelve so I would have one if I happened to mess up any. Like this. 

I cut out my first pair and realized how darn slippery it was with two layers! So I went through and put a pin in each set. Ha! Problem solved! 

I went ahead and cut the rest out. When those were all done I took my ear stencil back to paper. I folded it in half and traced it so I could draw a bow the right proportion to the ears. I started with the circle in the middle. I thought a quarter might be a bit too big but it was perfect. Cha-ching! I sketched out the left half of the bow, then cut it out. I traced my half ear stencil and quarter again. Then I laid my center and left half of my bow to match up with the quarter circle I had traced. I moved it around until I got it where I wanted it. I wanted mine a little more straight along the bottom. So I put the bottom along the bottom line of the ear. Then I flipped it over and traced it on the right side. 

When it was done I cut out the bow part. But I trimmed down the middle circle part a tiny bit so it wouldn’t show when I added the circle on top later. I also took my half stencil and cut out the middle circle. I laid my felt out, single layer this time. I traced thirteen bows and thirteen circles. 

I cut them out. 

Time to get gluing! I started with the ears. I wrapped an ear around the headband and pressed the middle part to the headband teeth while opening up the ear. I put a triangle of hot glue on the inside and pressed the two halves together, making sure to press it on the headband too. I did the same with the other ear. For some reason I thought they would look good with the ears touching in the middle. After both ears were glued I saw I was wrong! They needed to be more spaced apart. They weren’t awful but they weren’t what I was going for. I tried to take the ears off again but they were really on there. So this pair went to my very excited daughter. 

And I went on to my second attempt. This time I spaced them out. I even counted the teeth from the bottom so I could get them even. I left only three teeth showing on the bottom of the headband. It turned out awesome! I glued all the ears. 

For the bows I started with adding the middles onto the bows. I laid my hot glue around the middle circle part on the bow. 

I quickly put the circle on the bow and pressed it all over so the glue wouldn’t leave any bumps. 

When all the bows had their middles I was ready to add them on their ears. I did the same circle of glue on the back of the bow and put it where I wanted it on the right ear. Twelve bows later I was done! 

Aren’t they kittylicious? I can’t wait for this party and to see them on all the kiddos! Keep an eye out for the full party details post later this month! 

Wendy Darling 

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