Busy Bees

What a busy week!!! We’ve had so much fun this week. We’ve been out and about with friends and family. We even got to go to the Young Kia Stuff The Bus event. Here are some pictures, including some more cute school outfits. Super special thanks to my wonderful mom for all the new school clothes! We’re so blessed with great family on both sides. 

  Lyla loves when we do an Elsa braid in her hair. 

   Alaina took this one while playing with my phone. Baby selfie!!

  Trunk baby! 

   This week Lyla thinks she’s a rapper and does this every time I take her picture. 

  Off to school. 

   I adore these grey jeans with hearts! 



 Rockin a cute side bun for some fun in the sun. The rest of these pictures are from the Stuff The Bus event. 

   The girls got these for donating school supplies. Lyla chose Pluto and Alaina chose Dumbo. 

  Rockstar sunglasses. 

   Always rappin! 

  Face painting! Alaina actually loved it. Daddy chose a kitty for hers. Good choice! Cutest kitty around.  

Cuddly kitty.   

 Lyla’s obsessed with rainbow butterflies. She’s being one for Halloween. So that’s what she wanted for her face painting. It was glittery and adorable on her!

   “Monster truck!!!”

   We cooled off with very oversized and delicious shaved ice. 

There you have it! Keep checking back for our weekly adventures. 

Wendy Darling

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