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Sometimes I have very vivid dreams. This was one of them! It’s from a while back and it isn’t very polished. I expanded on it a little more but I think that’s another post.

Raya and Kayley were upstairs with Kayley’s parents and brother, Jason. She heard her mother’s voice float up from downstairs.

“I’ll be back, guys.” Raya said as she headed down the stairs. She looked around for her own family. She saw a foot near the end of the couch and walked over slowly. She found her parents and little brother behind the couch.

Raya looked at the bodies of her family, lying in pools of blood. Her pulse raced and she felt dizzy. She spun around to look at her best friend who had followed her.

“Kayley,” she whispered, “no.”

“I’m sorry,” Kayley said, her voice breaking with regret. “I wanted to tell you. My family, we…” she trailed off.

Raya hit her knees as Kayley tried to take her hand. Tears flooded her cheeks. Kayley’s mom came over and stood next to her, followed by her brother.

“Oh, Raya,” her mother reached her hand down to her face.

“Kill me,” Raya whispered. Her voice grew louder with anger. “You better kill me. Or I’ll hunt each of you down and slaughter you like you did my family.”

“Raya, please. Don’t—“ Kayley tried.

“KILL ME!!!” Raya shouted in rage.

“Alright,” Kayley’s brother, Jason, agreed. He knelt in front of her, stroked her hair, and down her neck. He looked into her frightened eyes and felt her trembling. Then he quickly sank his teeth into her neck, avoiding her carotid artery on purpose. He would make this last. She made a grunting sound and grabbed onto his shoulders, her fingers digging in as he pulled her to standing.

Raya squeezed her eyes shut and held on tight as pain gripped her. She felt Jason’s teeth dig down deep where her neck met her shoulder. His teeth ground around for a moment, making the openings larger, making her whimper. It was a relief when he pulled his teeth from her and began sucking instead, drawing her blood to him. She held firm and looked over to Kayley with angry eyes.

Kayley watched in sorrow as her brother drained her lifelong best friend. She felt guilt echo through her as Raya looked to her with the most intensely hateful eyes she’d ever seen. She looked away, unable to bear it.

Raya’s head spun as Jason took big gulps from the fresh spring he’d tapped. He whirled her around and slowly lowered himself and her onto a chair. She tried to focus on the fact that she would be joining her family soon as Jason positioned her weakening body how he pleased. She sat, straddling his lap as he sucked her very life from her. She could feel the color drain from her face as his tongue lapped against her skin.

Jason paused as the flowing of her blood slowed. He pulled Raya back a little by her hair. He looked into her dulling eyes and said, “You know, I always had a thing for you. My little sister’s bestie. Her sweet friend with the sweetest blood. I always secretly hoped I’d get to taste it.” He pulled her to him and kissed her.

Raya tried to fight him off, disgusted by his words and his tongue against hers. But it was too late, he’d taken too much. All she could manage was to press her hands against his chest, not nearly enough to stop him. The taste of her own blood filled her mouth and she wished she had the strength to vomit. When he pulled back, Raya looked back to Kayley. She tried to glare at her but only ended up looking pathetic, near death, with her neck still oozing blood down her chest. She didn’t know if her best friend would feel sorry for this. But Raya would do her best to try to make her.

“Mmm…” Jason licked up the blood on her chest. “You do not disappoint.” He latched back onto her neck, and continued pulling ounce by ounce. He kept one hand on her head and began to allow his other hand to roam. She felt him rub her back and hips, grip and caress her thigh under her dress. She squirmed but lacked the strength to fight back. Luckily, he didn’t go any further. She tried to hold on as things went blurry, as her world dimmed. But after a few more minutes of Jason’s leeching, she couldn’t hold her hands against his chest any longer. She felt her fingers slide down his blood soaked shirt. It wasn’t long after that, she had to rest her head on his shoulder, then fell completely limp as her world went silent and black. It was peaceful. It was her end.

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