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Bo On the Go

I’m trying not to work on new things while I’m working on my old stuff. But last week my little kidlet got pretty sick. We ended up watching a lot of Bo On the Go on Netflix. And for some reason, this started brewing in my head. A grownup version. I did make Bo a princess. That’s actually where the thought process started. She lives in a castle with her own dragon and wizard. She’s obviously a princess! I guess it could be considered fanfic. But I won’t be expanding upon it. What’s here is it! Read away friends!

“Call me Bo.” The princess smiled as she motioned for the woman before her to stand.

“We need your help, Princess Bo,” the woman said through her tears. “All our reservoirs are being drained. We won’t have any water supplies left if the monster isn’t stopped. We’ll all die of dehydration; some already have. And power struggles are breaking out over water. The filtration plant only has so much left.”

“I see. Has anyone seen the monster?” The princess asked. She stared at the woman with her light blue eyes.

“No. We can’t find it. Which means we can’t catch it, fight it, or stop it.” She shook her head.

Bo nodded. “I think it’s time to summon the royal wizard.”

“Really? I never thought I would have the honor to meet both of you.”

“Really. And the honor is all ours.” Bo waved her left hand in the air in circles, clapped her hands together and waved her right hand in circles. Sparks began to fly, making the invisible circles visible. Red, yellow, and green bands of sparks exploded and smoke filled the room.

When the smoke cleared a man was standing to the right of the princess. He wore a golden suit and a small, navy blue, turban. He was older than the princess but still quite young, thirty at the most.

“Hello, Princess Boyana,” he greeted as he bowed toward her.

“Hello, Wizard.”

“Looking for a thirsty monster, are we?” He asked.

“We are,” Bo confirmed. “What a wise wizard you are.” She smiled at him.

He returned her smile and pulled a large crystal ball out of the air. “Ahh,” he sighed, “The Drinking Flink.” He didn’t wait for anyone else to say anything before he continued. A liquidy and transparent creature appeared in the ball. “He’s an ancient beast. And you’ll never catch him in the water, you won’t be able to see him. You’ll need to find him in his home in the misty caves.”

“It sounds like we have a monster to catch, Desi.” Bo reached over and petted her olive green dragon. He lied asleep on the floor beside her throne. At her touch he made a happy groaning, almost purring noise.

“You don’t have a door for the misty caves. It’s five doors away.” He swept his hand in a line and five small doors appeared in the air. “You better get on the go, Princess Boyana.” Wizard extended his hand to her.

She stood from her worn throne for the first time in the meeting. Her navy leggings were a perfect complement to her plum dress. It’s tattered ruffles we’re short in the front and long in the back, trailing on the floor. Her black combat boots added an ever more edgy appeal to the whole outfit. But nothing she wore compared to her lusciously beautiful blue hair. There were three glittering bands etched into her right forearm. Nearest her wrist was burgundy, then gold, and furthest up was emerald. She held onto his hand as she rose, locking onto his caramel eyes.

“When will you start calling me Bo, my dear Wizard?”

“The day I tell you my real name.” He kissed her cheek slowly. “When you’re ready.”

“Very well.” She let his hand go and turned back to the woman. ”Are you ready to make the payment?”

“Will it kill me?” The woman asked, staring at the bands.

“Is that what they say about me nowadays?” Bo chuckled.

“They say a lot about you. No one knows what to believe. You don’t leave here much any more. Not since…” she looked down, “… since your parents. Since you let your cousins assume the throne in their palace.”

“Yes,” Bo agreed. “I’ve been hunting the monster who took them. Tell me, are my cousins doing the throne justice? Are they taking care of you?”

“Yes. They do their best. They care for the people and do what they can. But they don’t know how to handle beasts. We need you for that.”

“I know. And I’m here when you need me. Taking down these atrocities is what I live for now. It makes my heart happy to hear that the throne is being well cared for, as for my people.”

“We are. And it makes my heart happy that you still care enough to help us. And… I’m ready to make the payment… even if it means giving up my own life to save the people in my city.” She bowed her head again.

“You won’t be giving up your life. I promise. It will put you to sleep for a few hours and you’ll be fine again when you wake. I kill monsters, not people.” Bo smiled and tilted the woman’s face back up to meet her eyes.

“Thank you, Princess Bo.”

“You’re welcome. Come this way.” Bo walked slowly and the woman followed.

They went a short way down a long corridor into a bedroom. Everything was old but still well cared for. There was a large bed in the middle of the room.

“You may rest here. My guards will watch over you until you wake.” Bo motioned to a wardrobe. “There are pajamas in there if you’d like.”

“No thank you. I’ll be fine in my clothes. A bunch of men will be watching over me as I sleep?” The woman said with worry.

“Who says only men can be guards?” Bo gave her a sideways smile. “I’m an equal opportunity employer. If you would prefer female guards to watch over you, that’s perfectly fine. Or you may be left in this room alone and I’ll lock the door behind me so only you can let anyone in. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Female guards, please.”

“As you wish.” She nodded and guided the woman to the bed.

Once the woman was lying down, Bo took her hand and closed her eyes. Her bands began to glow. She opened her eyes as the woman before her began to glow as well. She went slow, making sure not to take too much and break her promise to not take the woman’s life. The woman’s eyes slid closed and Bo held on a little longer before letting go. Bo watched her breathe for a minute until she was sure she was alright.

Bo left the woman and went back to her throne room. Wizard was sitting on the floor with Desi, petting his head. He looked over at Bo as she walked in.

“Good to go?” He asked.

“Yes. I didn’t think you’d wait.”

“One last thing. Be careful, Princess.”

“I will.” She sat beside him and stroked her dragon’s back. “Come on, Desidore Dragon. It’s time to go.” Desi opened his sleepy eyes. He gave his wings a little shake then stretched them out with a yawn. She started down another corridor with Desi in tow.

“I’ll see you soon,” Wizard called.

Bo didn’t answer or turn around. She gave a wave and kept walking. She would see him when she got back. Her hand came to rest on a golden doorknob set on a faded white door. It creaked open and her and Desi walked into the room with the door closing behind them.

This room was round. It held many doors going upward in a spiral. Each one was a different color and held its own picture on it. Wizard had shown her the five doors she needed. She’d been through the first door before. It would be easy to picture in her mind.

Bo closed her eyes and thought of the door. She called it to her. Desi waited as the doors spiraled downward, unnecessary ones disappearing into the floor. Finally, the right door came to a stop in front of them.

Bo opened her eyes. Before her stood a bright green door with a picture of a yellow daisy on it. The first time she went through this door she’d nearly died. It was filled with fifteen feet tall daisies. They were yellow or white, some even pink. They stretched on for miles. It was a gorgeous sight to see. But as she had been walking through, looking for the next door she needed, the flowers had reached out to grab her and Desi. Their leaves encircled them and tried to strangle them to death. Luckily, Desi was able to set his ablaze with his breath. Then he saved Bo too.

“I think it would be best to take flight for this one, Desi.” Bo climbed on his back and held on tight as the door flung itself open before them.

Normally she didn’t have to travel through more than three doors. She had worried the woman’s energy wouldn’t be enough. But she’d made it through and, with her dragon’s help, defeated the Drinking Flink. She’d even managed to come back with a new treasure.

When they returned Bo went to her treasure room while Desi went to eat. She found an empty space on a shelf and set the shimmering golden goblet down. She sighed. These treasures were the only things she earned from these journeys. They weren’t what she truly wanted. They weren’t her parents. But she hoped maybe they could help her in the future.

Next she returned to the throne room. She found the woman waiting and pacing back and forth. Her head whipped to Bo.

“Is it done?” The woman asked.

“It’s done.” Bo nodded. “You may return with good news. Your water is safe again. You may want to petition the royals for replenishments until your stores are built up again though.”

“We will.” She walked over to Bo with tears in her eyes. “I can’t thank you enough, Princess Bo.” She threw her arms around her neck.

Bo allowed herself to be embraced for a moment and then pulled away. “You’re welcome. Do you need help getting back home? I can send my driver to take you if you like.”

“That would be great.” She turned to leave as a guard led her away. “Thank you again.”

Bo nodded and waited until the room was clear before she dropped herself down on the stairs in front of her throne. She put her face in her hands on top of her knees and rubbed up and down.

“Rough day?” Wizard whispered from behind her. He sat down next to her.

“Not too bad. Just not what I always hope for,” she responded without looking at him.

“I’m sorry.”


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