What Beck Knows

“You’re here!” Beck shouted. “I’m so glad to see you!” 

“I bet you are,” Lenci chuckled. “Let’s get you out of here.” She untied him and heaved him up by his arm. “We have to hurry. Twenty more are about to come down on us.”

Beck glanced at the slightly scorched grunts. “Are they dead?” 

“No.” Lenci dragged him along with her out the door and stopped. 

Outside the door stood a horde more guards. Lenci did a quick count. Fifteen. She looked left and right. The right was crowded in while the left was more spaced out. She hesitated for a moment. The left was away from the front door, the wrong way for an escape. For the moment, it was the only way. 

“Follow me,” she whispered to Beck. Throwing punches and swinging men around, she cleared a path for Beck to follow.

They fought off clawing hands and swinging fists until they were clear. Lenci dashed away with Beck behind. She came to some stairs and had an idea. Two floors up, she led them to the roof access. 

“Where are we going?!” Beck called while stair hopping. “We’ll be cornered up there!” 

“No we won’t!” Lenci pushed the roof door open and ran to the edge. “Come on!” 

“What are we doing?” 

“Hold onto me.” She stepped up onto the ledge and held her hand out for him. 

“Up there?” 

“Yes, up here! Will you listen?” She looked up as the man with the pointy nose dashed through the roof entrance. 

He stared at her as he said, “There’s nowhere to go. Come back inside. You’re meant to be here anyway. My master will be pleased.” Guards filled in behind the man. “Your Keeper was a letdown though. We were expecting the Keeper of such a powerful demon as Braithe would be privy to more information. He’s so green, fresh from the world. He has absolutely no knowledge of anything.” 

“Not true!” Beck shouted. “I gave you the greatest breakdown of health insurance ins and outs ever!” 

“Disappointing.” The man frowned. 

“That’s a theme for you today, huh?” Lenci goaded. 

“Not now that you’re here.” The man’s frown turned up. 

“Ooh, sorry,” Lenci cooed. “That’s not happening today.” She reached down and grabbed Beck’s shirt collar and yanked him up on the ledge with her. 

“Where are you going to go?” 

“Nowhere to go…” she looked behind her, “…but down!” 

The man motioned for his guards to go after them. Lenci threw her arms around Beck’s neck as she hurled them over the edge. “Warden!!!” She cried as she heard Beck shouting. Then a white cloud appeared and swallowed them up.

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