About My Works

If you’ve been following me you know, I have two WIPs. But I’ve Already posted intros and summaries for those. If you’re interested go check them all out! But today I’m going to focus on some fun facts about just one of my WIPs.

Wedding Bells and Blood

This book didn’t have a title for two and a half years! I called it by the main character’s name, Amara.

I actually wrote books two and three in the series first. Then I thought the background should be its own book. That may be why this book has been so hard for me to figure out. I was trying to write a story that had to have elements from the already written sequels. Only recently have I discovered that I just need to write the story, let it be its own thing, and if I need to change the later books around it, so be it!

I had the idea for this book brewing in my head since high school, which for me was a very long time ago!

The villain in WBAB started out being based on a high school crush of mine and was not a villain at all in the early stages. As I and my characters developed, his physical traits changed and somehow he morphed into the villain. How do these things happen?! Writing! Ha!

That’s all the fun facts I can think of for this book! I hope you can enjoy them!

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