A Little About Me

Hey there. I’m Wendy. Thanks for taking some time to visit my site. It’s been redone from the original mom/crafting blog it started out as.

I hope you find a sense of fun, elegance, and whimsy here. Now, a little about myself.
I’m a stay at home mom. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters. Some days are a little overwhelming. But all days with my girls, overwhelming or not, are cherished. There are no words for the bond I share with them. I try to never forget how blessed I am to be their mommy.

I probably have the strongest sweet tooth ever. I have an ever present craving for brownies. Also, a great love of chocolate milk. I’m a huge fan of the Oxford comma. Gotta separate those items! Another favorite is Halloween. I don’t like all the gory things but I really love dressing my girls and myself up. I make most of our costumes and look forward to it all year. Rain is my absolute favorite weather, as you might have guessed.

I don’t consider myself a DIYer. But I was always taught, “Don’t buy what you can make.” So if I see something I like I try to figure out if I can make it before considering buying. I only have basic sewing and crafting skills, but I get by and will continue improving.

I adore makeup and fashion and am trying to improve my sewing skills to do more diverse things than kids clothes. I want to start making beautiful gowns and costumes for my friends and family for fun. Maybe someday I can make a business from it. For now it’s just a hobby and I hope you enjoy what I come up with.

You’ll also see a lot of writing excerpts on here. I love writing. I’ve written a couple books in a series and that’ll be what I post the most of. I mostly do modern fictional fantasy. I keep everything very PG-13. I don’t write anything more mature than that. I feel like the adult book market is all books that would be rated R or Christian category. I want something in the middle. So I write in the middle. It’s not young adult or Christian, but it isn’t rated R either.

I’m going to post my creative endeavors in writing and sewing, which might include sketches of sewing ideas, on here. I hope you find it fun! If you do, drop me a comment.

I am also glad to say I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may know it as LDS or Mormon but that’s the proper name and I believe it states far better what our church is about. Sometimes I struggle to get to church on Sundays but I do have a strong testimony. If you have any questions about our religion feel free to ask.

I guess that about covers it. That’s me! Enjoy my blog. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, give feedback, or leave comments. See ya around!

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