A Little About Me

Hey there. Thanks for taking some time to visit my site. It’s been redone from the original mom/crafting blog it started out as.

A little about myself. I’m a stay at home mom. Some days are a little overwhelming. But all days with my kidlets, overwhelming or not, are cherished. There are no words for the bond I share with them. I try to never forget how blessed I am to be their mommy.

I probably have the strongest sweet tooth ever. I have an ever present craving for brownies. Also, a great love of chocolate milk. I’m a huge fan of the Oxford comma. Gotta separate those items! Another favorite is Halloween. I don’t like all the gory things but I really love dressing my kids and myself up. I make most of our costumes and look forward to it all year. Rain is my absolute favorite weather, as you might have guessed.

I don’t consider myself a DIYer. But I was always taught, “Don’t buy what you can make.” So if I see something I like I try to figure out if I can make it before considering buying. I only have basic sewing and crafting skills, but I get by and will continue improving.

You’ll see a lot of writing excerpts on here. I love writing. I mostly do modern fictional fantasy. I keep everything very PG-13. I don’t write anything more mature than that. I feel like the adult book market is all books that would be rated R or Young Adult category. I want something in the middle. So I write in the middle. It’s not Young Adult, but it isn’t rated R either.

I am also glad to say I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may know it as LDS or Mormon but that’s the proper name and I believe it states far better what our church is about. Sometimes I struggle to get to church on Sundays but I do have a strong testimony. I won’t be posting anything religious on here. But if you have any questions about our religion feel free to ask.

I guess that about covers it. That’s me! Enjoy my blog. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or leave comments. You can also find me on Tumblr and Pinterest as Rainy Day Darling. See ya around!

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